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“I am a firm believer if it wasn’t for Jill I would not be where I am today. With that being said having a “success coach” as I liked to call it, is not a free pass for a walk across the stage. With Jill you will be pushed to be the best student possible. She will hold you accountable for your academic goals while challenging you to do more than just settle for passing. Jill became more than just a success coach to me, she became a friend and I will forever be grateful for her services.”

Casey – former student

“I believe that Jill is better than parents at keeping students academically accountable. I think of her more as a life coach because I’ve developed all of my good academic, professional, spiritual, and fitness habits since working with her. In less than two years she took a college dropout from unemployment to being gainfully employed, fit, and a year away from graduating with a BS from UTD (with several future employment opportunities to consider).”

Cameron – college student

“Jill taught me many lessons, but the most important one that sticks out to me is that she taught me how to “eat the elephant one bite at a time.” I have a tendency to get extremely stressed out when I feel like I have a million different tiny tasks in front of me, but Jill has helped me reframe the way I think about tasks so I feel like I have everything under control.”

Christi – former student

Having Jill as my daughter’s College Coach has made all the difference in the world!  I needed to let go as a mother, and my daughter needed another person to give her guidance and help keep her on track. Her anxiety has decreased and she has managed her time so much better which helps her not to be so overwhelmed. I would, and have, recommended Jill wholeheartedly!!”

Emily – college parent

“I can confidently say that my son graduated from college because of the support he received from Jill. She was his encourager, academic supporter, and confidence builder. She taught him critical time management and organizational skills that will benefit him in life beyond college. She helped him be successful. He is now working in a profession he loves and has the utmost respect and gratitude for Jill.  My husband and I feel the same way.”

Susan – college parent

“Using Jill allowed me to be my daughter’s Mom again!  I was able to support her knowing she was learning and using the tools Jill taught her to manage her life.

I was concerned about sending my daughter off to college in another state where she was going to have to manage living on her own and college course work. She needed to learn all those executive skills required to find a balance with responsibilities and independence.  Jill knows the ADHD language and is able to communicate with our children so they feel supported and in control of their future.”

Debbie – college parent

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